Our Mission


APS Cyber was founded with a vision to utilize our experience in helping small and medium businesses protect themselves from ever-evolving cyber threats

Through our proactive approach, we are constantly improving cybernetic security and performing risk analyses to determine if there are any immediate or long-term threats to our client’s IT infrastructure. Our cybersecurity center provides 24/7/365 monitoring to keep our customers’ assets safe while providing them a peace of mind.

We are increasing their strategic and competitive advantage by improving their cybersecurity and ensuring they are compliant with regulations, as well as being well-protected and proactively monitored around-the-clock. APS Cyber will continue to utilize knowledge from constant research on the latest threats emerging in the digital world, to ensure our clients are continuously protected from cybercrime.

Our Team

ceo and Founder


Mr. Yahav is an internationally recognized cybersecurity expert, with vast experience in IT risk and compliance, access management, and security risk management sectors. He spent 25 years in intelligence agencies and the private sector and founded the first business cloud environment in Israel.

Over the last two decades, he provided IT and cybersecurity services to the U.S. market, selling his first IT services company when he was only 24 years old.

Hillel Kobrovski


Mr. Kobrovski is a Technology Futurist and Cyber Trends Researcher with 25 years of experience as a Cyber & Network Security Solutions Architect.
He’s a Lecturer and Thought Leader at the ISRAELI Community in Cyber, Innovation and Marketing, and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University: Information Security, Cyber & Network Security, Technology Brand & Marketing.
Kobrovski has been involved in a wide range of cybersecurity projects and in the many years of experience has gained 150+ of Network Security, Cyber & Information Security Technical Certifications among which: Check Point – Certified Trainer (CCSI) since 1999; Fortinet – Certified Training (FCT) Since 2007 | Fortinet NSE-7 since 2017 and considered as The Israeli Fortinet Guru since 2004. He is a Cisco Systems – Cyber Security Trainer since 2018.

Kobrovski is a member of the Board of Directors, Head of the Cyber Security Community and Head of the CISO Club at the Israeli Chamber of Information Technology, and a member of the Cyber Community Advisory Board at the IDU – Israel Directors Union.