Even as your company is deemed cyber safe, threats continue to grow and change as the world around us continues to develop. 24/7 proactive protection keeps your organization ahead of evolving threats and puts your company and members at ease.

We do not wait for Cyber Criminals to try and attack our customers! We take action before it’s happening!

SOC 24/7 as a Service

Our proactive 24/7 Security Operation Centre will

  • Monitor, Analyse & Detect abnormal behaviors in your networks & Data Centre
  • Follow the last update vulnerabilities
  • Fix and install the latest security patches
  • Protect your IT Infrastructure before someone tries to breach or attack them

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) as a Service

How it works:

  • We install in your networks log collectors that aggregate all your servers, network devices, and workstations logs and security alerts.
  • The SEIM collector sends all the process data to our central SEIM System.
  • Analyzing all the log and alerts through automation & orchestration process.
  • The SOC Human Expert checks the SEIM alert and acts by the case.
  • Create a casebook and save event timeline documentation for later investigation.

Managed EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) as a Service

Our specialists will protect your business by performing:

  • Installation & Integration a Managed EDR solution in all your Servers and Workstation / Laptops.
  • Immediate start of the EDR, through scanning & analyzing all suspicious OS behavior or files.
  • Blocking and protecting your networks from any virus, spyware or zero-day attack that you have already, without your knowledge in your servers and computers.
  • Sending alert to the SOC Team which sends a report to the IT Manager and starts a deep investigation if the vulnerability spreads to other servers or endpoint device in your IT Infrastructure.

Managed Firewall

This service includes:

  • Installation & Implementation of FortiGate Next-Generation FireWall in your IT Environment.
  • Creating a best practice firewall policy that protects your network against hackers’ attacks and internal data leaks, blocking internet access from dangerous applications (remote access, illegal software downloads) or IOC destination (botnet, suspicious IP’s or Web Sites).
  • Taking care of firmware upgrades and Maintenance of the FireWall/UTM system as needs.
  • Optimizing firewall policy and general unit configuration to improve performance & a higher level of cybersecurity protection.

Let’s Get You Covered