Do you feel
your data is Safe?

Small and Medium Scale Businesses possess valuable information, and ARE vulnerable to cyber-attacks,
more then you think

Protect Your
Business from Cyber Threats

Don’t wait for a breach to happen, Prevent Attacks
and Keep Your Business Secure.

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Shield 360°

We provide 360-degree cybersecurity umbrella 24/7
to keep your information technology assets safe
while offering you a peace of mind

Why Does Your Company Need Cyber Protection?

Does your business use the Internet? Cloud services? Social Media? Emails? Mobile devices?

SMBs are increasingly reliant on information technology, but they often do not consider themselves targets for cyberattacks due to their size or the perception that they do not have anything worth stealing. However, SMB possess valuable information cybercriminals seek, including employees and customers data, bank accounts and access to the business’s financials, and intellectual property.

While big companies spend millions of dollars every year in equipment, policies, training, and personnel, to protect their organization, SMBs companies are usually lacking the resources and knowledge, which causes them to stay unguarded and make it easier for hackers to make them a target.

Let us look at some recent data regarding SMBs

$7.68 M

is the average


of MSPs Report

Ransomware as the Biggest Malware Threat to SMBs

in 2019 (Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report)

1 out of 3


in 2019 Involved SMBs Victims

(Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report DBIR)


of SMBs

Report Experiencing a Data Breach in the Previous 12 Months (study by Keeper Security and the Ponemon Institutev2019)


of SMBs’ Employees

Passwords Were Stolen or Lost (Keeper Security and the Ponemon Institute 2019)


of SMBs 

(less then 1k Employees)

Had 5-16 Hours of
Downtime in 2019

(Cisco’s “Securing What’s Now and What’s Next” report)

Phishing Is Top Threat Action for More Than 30% of Small Organizations

(Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report DBIR)

Our Services

Proactive Cyber 24/7


We will constantly monitor your company’s  IT resources, track abnormalities, identify any risk or threat and we’ll proactively respond using our AI system and our team of experts.

Cyber compliance


We will protect the client from internal threats by strictly controlling the addition of unauthorized users. We’ll ensure that unauthorized users can’t access the internet data and can’t make any changes to lockdown servers and computers.

Cloud Security


Our team of professional will review and scan your online assets and run a comprehensive penetration test to search for threats and vulnerabilities.

Digital Investigation


We will provide our customers a detailed plan of how to protect their business from the risks they are facing. As required in some industries, compliance to cybersecurity policies must be met. We will provide a detailed analysis and recommendations to ensure our customers meet required compliance.

Why choose Us

Over 25 Years of Experience and the Best Minds Onboard


Our management team is comprised of individuals with the best skills and experience. We have vast knowledge in Information technologies and cloud services which helps us determine cyber security risks, combined with our former experience in the U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies where we specialized in cybersecurity, both on the offensive and defensive sides.


One-Stop Shop


Through top-tier penetration testers and clients, integration, and project management team, we ensure your ability to attain quick results.

With penetration tests, we provide recommendations, equipment, and integration while also providing 24/7 proactive monitoring. As a result, your business will be in the first line of protection, realizing the dream of the SMB.


Cost Reduction


Our solutions are budget friendly to any size organization. After we implement the solution based on the needs of your company, APS Cyber will be monitoring your systems 24/7/365 to keep you safe from virtual threats.


Maintaining High Standards


We strive to ensure that you get the best quality of service and SLA of our facilities and services up to 99.99%.


Cybersecurity Experts


We have Vast experience in building cybersecurity centers and working with leading cybersecurity manufacturers and vendors. We have put together a team of skilled engineers who are experienced and competent.

Let’s Get You Covered