APS Cyber was founded with a vision to utilize our experience in helping small and medium businesses protect themselves from ever-evolving cyber threats.


APS Cyber is training and educating students to become experts in the Cybersecurity industry.


APS Cyber has over 10 years of experience of creating dream teams of highly skilled professionals.


APS Cyber is investing in promising startups, from the development stage to success.

Holistic suite of services and the best minds onboard

Introducing APS, your gateway to dynamic and innovative solutions across the globe! With offices in Panama, Israel, the USA, Serbia, and Macedonia. Our commitment to excellence and integrity makes us a trusted partner for organizations seeking top-tier services in cybersecurity. At APS, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of services under our wide umbrella, ensuring that your business needs are not just met but exceeded. From cutting-edge cyber Security solutions to strategic staffing services, and educating the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

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Cybersecurity one-stop shop

Our security solutions cater to both short-term and long-term needs. Whether you require a penetration test or an ongoing CISO, our team of cybersecurity experts is ready to provide assistance.

We offer cost-effective solutions to growing businesses in combination with highly skilled English-speaking European talent, located in North Macedonia. offering our unique agile approach for higher productivity and cost efficiency.

We provide hands-on educational programs on cybersecurity. Education is at the core of APS’s mission and commitment- to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

APS’s startup incubator provides a dynamic environment for emerging businesses, fostering innovation and collaboration while offering invaluable resources and mentorship to fuel entrepreneurial success.

Over 22 Years of Experience with Rapid & Flexible Response To Changes

Our management team is comprised of individuals with the best skills and experience. We have vast knowledge in Information technologies and cloud services which helps us determine cyber security risks, combined with our former experience in the U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies where we specialized in cybersecurity, both on the offensive and defensive sides.

Cybersecurity Career

The shortage of cybersecurity employees is a pressing challenge in today's digital landscape, as the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats continues to outpace the growth of skilled professionals, highlighting the critical need for a workforce equipped to protect against and mitigate cyber risks.

Your education in Your hands

CASE studies

and company projects:

Strengthening Cyber Resilience for a Leading State Electricity Company in Latin America

Amid the increasing threat landscape of cyber-attacks, APS partnered with a prominent state electricity company in Latin America.

Restoring cyber resilience: A Cyber Forensics Case Study in Latin America

APS played a pivotal role in the recovery and enhancement of a Latin American company's cybersecurity posture following a cyber-criminal incident.

Preserving Patient Trust: Ransomware Remediation in Panama's Healthcare Landscape

In a critical juncture for healthcare cybersecurity in Panama, APS played an important role in mitigating the fallout from a ransomware attack