SOC 24\7

+SOC Proactive 24/7 Security Operation Centre

+SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

+Managed EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)

+Managed Firewall.


+ CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

+DPO (Data Protection Officer) 

+Audit & Certified


+Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Platform.

+Google G-Suite Cloud Platform.

+Public Cloud Security.

+Private Cloud Security.

+Multi-cloud Security.


+Incident Response Team.


+Ransomware Negotiation.

APS Cyber was founded with a vision to utilize our experience in helping businesses protect themselves from ever-evolving cyber threats

Through our proactive approach, we consistently enhance cybernetic security by conducting risk analyses, identifying immediate and long-term threats to our clients’ IT infrastructure. Our cybersecurity center offers round-the-clock, 24/7/365 monitoring, safeguarding our customers’ assets and providing them with peace of mind.

We enhance our clients’ strategic and competitive advantages by fortifying their cybersecurity measures, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining robust protection through continuous, proactive monitoring. APS Cyber remains dedicated to leveraging insights from ongoing research on the latest digital threats, ensuring our clients receive continuous protection against cybercrime.

We do not wait for Cyber Criminals to try and attack our customers!
We take action before it’s happening!

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During their many years of industry experience, APS consultants have worked in and collaborated with hundreds of different organizations. We are in the best position to be able to give you innovative and insightful suggestions and guidance regarding your organization’s systems. It’s always good to bring in an objective external source who will see the organization in a neutral and fair manner.

CASE studies

and company projects:

Strengthening Cyber Resilience for a Leading State Electricity Company in Latin America

Amid the increasing threat landscape of cyber-attacks, APS partnered with a prominent state electricity company in Latin America.

Restoring cyber resilience: A Cyber Forensics Case Study in Latin America

APS played a pivotal role in the recovery and enhancement of a Latin American company's cybersecurity posture following a cyber-criminal incident.

Preserving Patient Trust: Ransomware Remediation in Panama's Healthcare Landscape

In a critical juncture for healthcare cybersecurity in Panama, APS played an important role in mitigating the fallout from a ransomware attack

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